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We are a small family business. Operating on the South Coast and in Bathurst NSW.

We don't believe in taking life too seriously, and having fun is way too important to be left just for kids! This is why we want to help keep people's lives light hearted and happy. Whether it's for a 5th birthday party or a 50th, a memorable wedding or corporate event or even just mates on a weekend away with a score to settle, whatever your plan is, we've got your fun covered.

Pop-Up Putt Putt is portable mini-golf where you can create the golfing fun and relax... There aren't many things that can be so equally embraced by a group of primary school students as well as a team of suited up corporate ladies and gentlemen. Once that putter's in your hands and the hole is in sight, all bets are off! Or maybe they're on... Or maybe there could be a little alcohol involved in the safety and comfort of your own back yard... And there is no better way to meet new people than to take the actual focus away from meeting new people. 

NEW - We would also like to introduce the Pop- Up Lawn Games 

Our Motto is Creating Fun, Laughter and Lasting Memories and this is why we have expanded into Lawn Games.


Our Pop-Up Lawn Games creates fun, laughter and memories for any event weather it be a wedding, a family reunion, an engagement, party, or perhaps it is a work event. The Lawn Games are designed with creativity and fun in mind helping to break the ice between families and friends over a game or two, and we don’t just mean the children! Adults love them too! Keeping everyone entertained and laughing.


Games we currently have in stock include:

Skittles, Ring Toss, Giant Pick Up Sticks, Croquet, Bucket Ball, Bocce and Giant Connect 4


Watch this space as we add more games to our arrange over the coming months.

I guess the only thing that we take seriously is simplicity, and working to your needs. We want our part at your event to be hassle free so you can focus on the things that matter - enjoying your event! This is why we delivered to your door and picked up when you're done.

So that's enough about us.


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